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The chance of a world-ending
event is at 62%

Increased threat of nuclear apocalypse as North Korea’s capabilities have grown and President Trump heads out on a 12 day Asia trip. Recent drills in the are by US bombers along with Japanese and South Korean fighter jets have increased tension, and though no missiles have been tested since 9/15 increased activity at missile research facilities in North Korea point to possible preparations for another launch. Three aircraft carriers are currently in the region and may carry out further drills during the president’s visit to the region. If North Korea launches another test while Trump is in the region the possibility of runaway escalation is high.



Trump heads to Asia where concerns are growing over possible war with North Korea

President Trump departed Washington on Friday for his first visit to Asia, a 12-day swing through five countries that comes as the once unthinkable has become a palpable concern from Tokyo to Seoul to Beijing — a war with a nuclear-armed North Korea...


Mattis: North Korea nuclear threat accelerating

Mr Mattis warned it would face a "massive military response" if it used nuclear weapons. Separately, North Korea released a South Korean fishing boat which it said had been found in North Korean waters illegally. The crew of 10 were released on Friday evening, South Korean officials said. It comes at a time of heightened tension in the region, with both sides running a series of military exercises . . .


North Korea accuses US of 'trying to ignite nuclear war' with bomber drills

North Korea has accused America of attempting to "ignite a nuclear war" after two US strategic bomber planes carried out drills in the region...


Heightened tensions over North Korea and trade will define Trump's tour of Asia

Nearly three months after threatening to destroy North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen,” President Trump is getting a firsthand look at the nations most at risk from the nuclear brinkmanship, and hearing from leaders on their own soil...


US supersonic bombers fly over S Korea

US bombers on Thursday overflew the Korean Peninsula as part of an exercise with Japanese and South Korean warplanes, the US Air Force said, days before US President Donald Trump arrives in the region for a trip set to be dominated by the nuclear-armed North. . . .


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